Marie-Pier’s Custom-Made Wedding Dress

Marie-Pier approached me for a custom-made wedding dress for her big day. The bride was determined to get 'socially-distanced' married this year - pandemic or not. We started working on the dress the minute social distancing rules were relaxed in May. The Owner, Graphic and Web Designer at ColourCoding Media Inc. was determined but not deterred. … Continue reading Marie-Pier’s Custom-Made Wedding Dress

Damn, She Feels Like a Woman

I've known Morgan Purdy for quite some time, but I never knew she was a big Shania Twain fan. Morgan has been dying to see Shania since she was 11 years old but the opportunity never came. This would be her last chance as Shania is bidding farewell to the stage. In her ongoing North-American … Continue reading Damn, She Feels Like a Woman