Marie-Pier’s Custom-Made Wedding Dress

Marie-Pier approached me for a custom-made wedding dress for her big day. The bride was determined to get ‘socially-distanced’ married this year – pandemic or not.

We started working on the dress the minute social distancing rules were relaxed in May.

The Owner, Graphic and Web Designer at ColourCoding Media Inc. was determined but not deterred. She really wanted a tea-length dress, possibly heart shape in the chest area. Luckily, the future bride brought photos for me to see. She had wonderful ideas on what she wanted but, like any good seamstress knows, turning an idea into a reality is a hard feat.

I’ve been doing custom made wedding dresses in Ottawa for over 20 years – her dress could totally be done but we did not have much time. In a typical year, I would need more time but with no proms and very few weddings, I took a good stab at the dress.

Typically, with custom-made wedding dresses, you want to work a bit earlier – maybe three months ahead. Together, we can take those first weeks of consultation to manage expectations. I need to know exactly what you are looking for but I also need to know whether you intend to lose weight. Some brides loose some weight, others don’t.

Between June until mid-August, we worked tirelessly to make this dress a reality and the results blew me away! Alterations take time. It’s better to get all alterations taken care of at least two months before your big day if you’re not going the custom route.

My work wasn’t done yet. The future groom needed his pants hemmed too and those can be done effortlessly. The results are below with amazing photography from John-Finnigan Lin.

To Marie-Pier and her lucky groom, I wish you nothing but the best in this important journey in your lives. Marriage means patience and given how long we worked on this dress during an interesting time, you might have the skills to weather this significant storm.

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