Recap of Prom: Best Trends in 2018

Prom season has come and is nearly gone.

It is one of my favourite seasons as it brings together the best of evening wear.

It’s also a very stressful time. As a seamstress who loves to see the best prom dresses in Ottawa and Gatineau, you won’t believe how many customers walk through my door in a bind. I’ve seen it all: Some fit too poorly, others are too tight or too loose. Worst of all, some just don’t work.

This year, I can unwaveringly say that all the prom dresses I have seen were hits. Some were so gorgeous that I wanted to do prom all over again.

Don’t believe me? I selected a few pieces that I found on Pinterest. The chosen pins are dresses that I have seen brought in for alterations.  Take a look below

Two-Piece Prom Dress

The two-piece dress is back and in full force. It is flattering, and when done right, it softens a pear-shaped body nicely. Perhaps it’s because it is less formal than the typical prom dress or that we have finally moved into the trend so naturally this year.

It’s about time!

Halter V-neck Prom Dress

Everything that glitters is….fancy or in this case, rose gold! The halter v-neck is not easy to pull off, but when done right, its perfect for prom. Each school may have a policy against low cut dresses, but I appreciate the way it hugs nicely each curve.

If the dress is much too low for your taste, the red one places less emphasis on the breast. String straps from the 90s have finally made their way into the new millennium. I always, however, encourage a bigger strap for my customers with a generous bust.

Floral Prom Dress

This dress blends together two trends that I love: floral patterns and a leg.

Do you recall that one time at the Oscars where Angelina Jolie stuck her leg out, and we all collectively rolled our eyes? Whose rolling her eyes now? The leg is back right before our eyes. Thankfully, us ladies blessed with decent legs can show off the gams.

I was happy to see a pleasant break from the typical red or blue colours for more fun and flirty looks. Best of all, you can wear the dress again.

Nude Prom Dresses

Browns and beige are finally back! I made a similar dress with beads and brown-ish colour for my daughter’s prom, and I am happy to see it back. I, unfortunately, have not seen any capes but hopefully, the trend will resurge next year.

V-cut Prom Dresses

Ok, admittedly, I have not seen a dress like this at my store but would you look at that cut? Forget the colour. Everything from the leg to the top spells class. It would likely be a chore to pee in it, but hey, you only have one prom right?!

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See you soon!