Are Proposals At A Wedding Okay? via Coolbeans4

No…no and HELL NO! Don’t be selfish. You’re ruining someone else’s big day. How would you feel if someone usurped a day you planned two years (or sometimes just a few months) in… Continue reading

I Added This Skirt to My Collection

What do you think? I made this skirt yesterday and I love it. It’s fun, flirty, length-appropriate and it’s perfect for the summer. Come to my store on St. Joseph and I can… Continue reading

In Limited Supply: Underwear Body Shaper

I just received a shipment of 5 underwear body shaper and butt lifter.

Downton Abbey Costume Designer Creates a Dress Made Entirely Out of Chocolate

Originally posted on People Great Ideas:
Courtesy Lindt When life gives you a chocolate dress, do you eat it or wear it? In the case of this chocolate gown designed by Downton Abbey costume designer…

Happy Valentine’s Day

Special dress for Valentines day.