Curtains Inspiration for Alterations

Curtains change a room’s mood. Luckily, I offer curtains alterations…yes, even curtains. I got some curtains inspo that I pulled from Pinterest that you might want to bookmark for later.

It’s one of my most requested services as of late. I’ve hemmed my 3rd curtain this week. With some of us staying home looking for some projects to spruce up an otherwise dull home, the first item that makes the list are curtains.

I’m happy to help! Along the many services I offer like bridal alterations, zipper repair and hemming, I can also hem your curtains or simply work with you to make new ones.

Check out what’s caught my eye on Pinterest.

Neat, right?!

The second wave is open us and your at-home work office needs a new look. Let’s work together on some curtains alterations.

Here’s what we will consider for your design at consultation: How big are your windows? How tall are your ceilings? How big and what colour is your room? Lastly, what material should your curtains be?

Are you looking for some curtain alterations? I can help. Book a visit today.