Damn, She Feels Like a Woman

I’ve known Morgan Purdy for quite some time, but I never knew she was a big Shania Twain fan.

Morgan has been dying to see Shania since she was 11 years old but the opportunity never came. This would be her last chance as Shania is bidding farewell to the stage.

In her ongoing North-American tour,  the country superstar was scheduled for a shortstop in Ottawa on June 25th. This time, Morgan thought, she would finally meet her idol but she had one trick up her sleeve.

She came to my store with an idea, something that would surely capture Shania’s attention. She wanted the same outfit that Shania wore in her video, “That Don’t Impress Me Much!” Remember that one? Here’s a refresher.

No problem, I thought. I got some material, and in a matter of weeks, Morgan’s outfit was ready.

She was happy with the final product, but she needed my help. She asked me to share the photo of her costume on social media in the hopes that Shania would see it. I promised her the outfit, but meeting Shania would be an enormous feat.

Optimistically, I got on my computer and started sharing the photo below.


On the day of the Ottawa concert, Shania’s team found Morgan and her friends. She actually met the Canadian queen of country!


Thank you to Shania and her team for making Morgan’s dreams come true. In many ways, you have fulfilled a dream of mine by granting Morgan her wish.

If I keep granting wishes, I might be able to meet Beyoncé.
– Christiane –
The custom dressmaker in Ottawa that you need and also…the dreamcatcher.