When Should I Get My Wedding Dress Altered?

When should you get your wedding dress altered? Glad you asked! I get that question a lot and the answer is quite simple.

Marie-Pier’s Custom-Made Wedding Dress

Marie-Pier approached me for a custom-made wedding dress for her big day. The bride was determined to get 'socially-distanced' married this year - pandemic or not. We started working on the dress the minute social distancing rules were relaxed in May. The Owner, Graphic and Web Designer at┬áColourCoding Media Inc. was determined but not deterred. … Continue reading Marie-Pier’s Custom-Made Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses – The 2018 Affordable Collection Edition

Congratulations to the newly-engaged of 2017. May your future union bring you love and happiness. While the event might be costly, your wedding dress doesn't need to be. I have a new collection of affordable wedding dresses for your special day. Some are simple, some are short, but all are affordable. All dresses come in … Continue reading Wedding Dresses – The 2018 Affordable Collection Edition